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Zlimmy Waist Trainer (Nude)
Zlimmy Waist Trainer (Nude)
Zlimmy Waist Trainer (Nude)

Zlimmy Waist Trainer (Nude)

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Shape your body and style your figure with the Zlimmy Waist Trainer. Flatten your tummy and shape your waist with three levels of hooks for gradual compression. The inner lining will also allow for perspiration so that you don't feel hot or uncomfortable.

Other body shapers claim to be waist trainers but only hold the desired hourglass shape while they are being worn and make no difference once they are removed. This is due to to your abdomen being held in place with Velcro or cheap elastics.

The Zlimmy Waist Trainer uses real latex and metal hooks that progressively contour to your body that allow true and lasting waist training to be achieved.


  • Real latex shapewear
  • Look slimmer instantly
  • Gradual compression
  • Total waist and tummy control
  • Comfortable while worn

What's Included:

  • 1 x Zlimmy Waist Trainer Cadillac Model (Nude)

Sizing Chart:

Size Measurement (in.)
S 25.4 - 27.3
M 27.3 - 29.3
L 29.3 - 31.2
XL 31.2 - 33.2
2XL 33.2 - 35.1
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