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The WaxVac is a breakthrough new product that provides a gentle and effective way to clean your ears! The WaxVac lets you safely remove ear wax, dirt, and water from your ears through gentle suction; this means saying goodbye to those painful q-tips and cotton swabs.

Unlike ordinary cotton swabs, the built-in safety guard prevents entering too far into the ear canal causing damage. The WaxVac also has a built-in handy examining light, too!

The WaxVac comes with 8 silicone suction tips and a cleaning brush to make it convenient for the whole family to use.


  • Safely and quickly cleans water and wax from your ears
  • Gentle and effective
  • Great for any age: From children to adults
  • Built-in safety guard prevents tips entering your ear

Special BOGO Deal Includes:

  • 2 x WaxVac
  • 16 x Silicone suction tips
  • 2 x Cleaning brush
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