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Watch Ya' Mouth Game
Watch Ya' Mouth Game

Watch Ya' Mouth Game

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Card games of yesteryear really helped pass the time, didn’t they? Now it’s time to get cheeky with it. Watch Ya Mouth, puts an irresistibly hilarious twist on phrase card gameplay. Their mission is—literally—to put the biggest smiles possible on faces around the world, from college campuses to family game rooms.

With over 900 gut-busting, eye-watering phrases and our category-leading cheek retractors, we’re excited and proud to offer inter-generational entertainment to transition from a pre-bedtime ritual with the kids to late-night adult ridiculousness.

Bringing home Watch Ya’ Mouth is the first step in creating years of fun and memories to be shared with your loved ones.


  • Authentic and  hilarious 
  • Hampered by cheek retractors, teams attempt to read and interpret silly phrases
  • For 3-10 players, ages 8+
  • Play with the free App now on Android & iPhone (optional)
  • Includes: 143 durable & family friendly phrase cards, 10 family friendly mouth guards (6 adult + 4 kids), 60-second timer, instructions
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