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Veggie Bullet Whole Food Nutrition Cookbook

Veggie Bullet Whole Food Nutrition Cookbook

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Whole Food Nutrition

Healthy eating has rarely been described as exciting, delectable or gourmet...until now. With the Veggie Bullet, you can create nutrient-rich, mouthwatering meals that will have you and your family begging for more!

Your Veggie Bullet Spiralizer Blades make fun and interesting noodles in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures, allowing you to create delightful masterpieces like spiralized mini apple tarts, crunchy cucumber ribbon salad, and comforting chicken "zoodle" soup.

Or slice up your life with perfectly shaped root vegetable chips, savory plantain nachos, and zesty pickled red onions - all effortlessly prepared with the Slicer Blade.  Then, shred away the obstacles to making amazing, gluten-free cauliflower bread sticks, restaurant quality Moroccan carrot salad, and scrumptious vegetable fritters with the time-saving Shredder Blade.

The Veggie Bullet really is a 3-in-1 kitchen miracle! No more knives, mandolins food processors and cutting boards. With the touch of a button, you can transform everyday vegetables into impressive, completed meals that will have you and your loved ones eating more vegetables than you can imagine.

Create restaurant-quality masterpieces that will amaze your friends and family! With over 50 additional mouthwatering recipes from savory, comforting Sweet Potato Curly Fries to a fresh and snappy Ahi Poke Bowl or a delectable spiralized veggie'll never run out of incredible things to do with your Veggie Bullet!
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