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Unshrinkit 8 oz.
Unshrinkit 8 oz.
Unshrinkit 8 oz.
Unshrinkit 8 oz.

Unshrinkit 8 oz.

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Hand safe, color safe and sweater safe. Made in the USA, Unshrinkit is the beloved brainchild of cash-strapped students who truly wanted to save their shrunken sweaters. Unshrinkit is a liquid-based solution specifically designed for returning wool sweaters to the desired size. It is a quick, reliable and lightweight alternative to messy home remedies and tiresome stretching. With just one bottle, you can save up to four garments. Please note that Unshrinkit does not work on felted or extremely shrunk wool garments as the fibers have physically bonded. 

Why it Works?

Why does wool shrink? When you buy a sweater, it is made up of long and straight wool fibers. The heat or agitation of the washer/dryer break the protein bonds and cause the fibers to curl up into a ball, shrinking your clothes.

How does Unshrinkit work? It interacts with the proteins in wool and relaxes the bonds in order to allow you to straighten out the fibers again. Once you’ve straightened the fibers, rinse the sweater in cold water to remove the solution. This allows the proteins to lock back into their original configuration!

When to Use?

Unshrinkit works on all cashmere, wool and wool blends. See the wool guide for more information.

When does Unshrinkit work best?
Unshrinkit helps undo the chemical process when warm water or heat from the dryer cause the wool fibers to shrink. Unfortunately, it cannot save a garment that has felted (think tightly locked fibers) and lost all give, nor can it reverse pilling.


While my sweaters still fit, they were more snug than I liked.  After using Unshrinkit, all 3 sweaters had that more relaxed look that they had previously. Would definitely use this again. - D. Martin

Love this – like new again. Bought 5 bottles so far. I have beautiful sweaters and years of dry cleaning has shrunk them.- Debora

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  • Unshrinking wool solution – cashmere, wool and wool blends
  • Enhanced formulation optimized for tightly wound fabrics
  • Fresh Linen scent
  • Works in 30 minutes
  • Hand safe, color safe and sweater safe
  • Made in USA
  • Fluid Content: 8 oz

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