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UComfy Legs & Feet Massager | Powerful Dual Mode Action
UComfy Legs & Feet Massager | Powerful Dual Mode Action

UComfy Legs & Feet Massager | Powerful Dual Mode Action

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Powerful Dual Mode Action

Achieve a professional massage experience for your lower legs and feet in the comfort of your home or office. Ucomfy is designed to massage your feet, ankles, and calves all at the same time. The dual action, synergistic combination of kneading and vibratory actions gives you the most relaxing and revitalizing massage experience, while achieving a beneficial reflexology effect.

UComfy lets you create your own custom settings or choose one of three auto programs. Powerful kneading and soothing vibration combine to penetrate deeply into tired muscles, soothing away soreness and fatigue that tend to build up in the lower legs.

Designed around the principles of reflexology, this kneading and vibrating foot massager uses special nodes to stimulate areas on the feet that correspond with other parts of the body. This enables UComfy to create a feeling of total-body tension relief and revitalization.


  • Massages entire lower leg area, including ankles and feet
  • Four flexible kneading disks work calf muscles and ankles
  • Pressure nodes stimulate reflex points on the soles of your feet
  • Customizable massage with dual-mode kneading and vibration programs
  • Three speed levels and three intensity settings
  • 15-minute auto shut-off timer
  • Adjustable tilt angle for easy and comfortable seating position
  • Unit rotates to become a comfortable footrest
  • Includes two removable fabric covers for easy cleaning
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