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Tricovel® Triple Action with Biogenina®
Tricovel® Triple Action with Biogenina®
Tricovel® Triple Action with Biogenina®
Tricovel® Triple Action with Biogenina®
Tricovel® Triple Action with Biogenina®

Tricovel® Triple Action with Biogenina®

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Tricovel® with Biogenina Triple Action:

1. Reduces Hair Loss

Biogenina® which brings nourishment and energy to hair bulb cells.

2. Increases Hair Growth

Tricovel® prolongs and increases the growth phase of the hair cycle. By increasing this phase, more hair grows and replaces hair that is naturally lost. 

3. Increases Hair Shaft Diameter

Tricovel® increases hair strength which leads to fuller and stronger hair.


Tricovel® in tablet form is a delayed release formulation - with Biogenina® that nourishes, protects and promotes the growth of healthier, stronger and shinier hair.Tricovel

It acts from within to provide the appropriate nutrients to hair bulbs and to counteract free radical aggression which cause cells to age prematurely.

Tricovel® Tablets are suitable for women and men of any age. Only 1 calorie per day. Gluten -free. Free from artificial colours.

Pharmaceutical Technology that allows the prolonged delivery of the ingredients. This guarantees all day long nourishment and protection with just 1 tablet.


This delicate shampoo is indicated for weak and brittle hair that tends to fall out. It can be used every day. It contains Biogenina® and selected active ingredients, which are a source of energy and make hair strong, thick and extremely soft to the touch.

Biogenina® released by Hairspheres® provides a stimulating action on the hair bulb and helps counteract hair loss, prolonging its life cycle.

Tricovel® Shampoo is rich with precious wheat proteins, silk amino acids and pro-vitamin B5. The fluid consistency and the delicate foam allows massage of the scalp which, once toned up, will be ready to absorb the active ingredients contained in the shampoo.

The fortifying shampoo and the uses the new Hairspheres® technology (delayed release microspheres) to deliver Biogenina®.

Thanks to this new technology, Biogenina®:

  • Adheres to the hair shaft and to the scalp
  • Resists rinsing
  • Is released gradually



Use the fortify shampoo when you hair appears opaque or when it is thin and fragile. Apply the shampoo to wet hair with a gentle massage. Allow the product to act for a few minutes and then rinse the hair thoroughly. It may be used every day.

The fortifying shampoo is ideal to complement Tricovel® Tablet anti-hair loss treatments with Biogenina®


  • Only one tablet a day.

  • Treatment can be repeated 2 to 3 times a year, or when needed.

What's Included:

  • 30 Tablets - 1 month treatment. 

  • Tricovel® Fortifying Shampoo 100ml Bottle

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