The Original Piggyback 3-Pack Cell Phone Stand (Select Stores Only)

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Great For Movies, Airplanes, Bedside Or Video Calls!

The Original Piggy Back Cell Phone Stand is a simple to use, high quality cell phone stand that works on virtually any smartphone. Designed in the US, The Original Piggy Back Cell Phone Stand uses a strong suction cup to safely secure itself to your phone.

Because it is made from durable FDA grade non-slip silicone, there is no need to worry about it scratching or damaging your cell phone. Ideal for watching movies, viewing photos, reading, or video calling. With its multitude of uses, this fun and cute stand solves many different problems!

Ways To Use Your Piggyback

Phone Stand – with its high quality, durable, and non-slip design, props up your cellphone or small table for everyday, hands-free viewing. Enjoy movies, games, and books and have the freedom to adjust the angle in seconds.

Phone Handle – position the Piggy Back between any two fingers, and now you have a comfortable, smooth, and yielding holder. No more slipping and helps reduce drops.

Ear bud Holder – conveniently wrap your ear buds around the Piggy Back and never worry about where those earbuds are or if they’ll get tangled.


  • Whimsical pig-shaped stands
  • Suction securely to the backs of phones to provide sturdy bases
  • Provide soft grip during calls
  • Made from durable, FDA-grade silicone
  • Includes (3) Piggyback Cell Phone Mounts (red, pink & blue)
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