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The Essential Three Stooges [6 DVD] Collection
The Essential Three Stooges [6 DVD] Collection

The Essential Three Stooges [6 DVD] Collection

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This is the Three Stooges at their boisterous best! The classic comedy troupe and all their legendary laughs are brought together in this collection of some of their funniest moments on film. You'll delight in the antics of America's favorite Stooges and chuckle at their cinematic capers, animated antics and silly shorts.

Showcasing the famed trio at nearly every stage of their five-decade run of riotousness, this set features Larry, Curly and Moe, with a side order of Shemp and Curly-Joe. It's a cavalcade of comedy that's guaranteed to leave a smile on your face and a bump on the back of your noggin!


  • TV Pilot: Jerks of All Trades
  • Biographical film: Family Album
  • TV appearances
  • Interviews
  • Clips
  • Commercials
  • Trailers
  • Photo Gallery
  • BONUS: 24-page illustrated book featuring rare photos and biographies of all the Stooges

12 Short Films:

  • Disorder in the Court
  • Brideless Groom
  • Malice in the Palace
  • Sing a Song of Six Pants
  • Nertsery Rhymes
  • Roast Beef and Movies
  • Beer and Pretzels
  • The Big Idea
  • His First Flame
  • Corn on the Cop
  • Saltwater Daffy
  • Plane Nuts

2 Feature Films:

  • Swing Parade of 1946
  • Kook’s Tour

78 New Three Stooges Cartoons

  • Including 40 wraparound live action shorts
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