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The EH? Game - Canada 150 Limited Edition
The EH? Game - Canada 150 Limited Edition

The EH? Game - Canada 150 Limited Edition

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The All New Canadian Mouthpiece Game!

What's more Canadian than Justin Bieber watching hockey playoffs, while eating Maple flavored bacon poutine from his Niagara Falls hotel room? We don't know either...but just in time for Canada's 150th birthday, comes The EH? Game, the original Canadian mouthpiece challenge game!

Players must take turns reading hilarious Canadian themed words & phrases, while their teammates try to guess what they're saying within the time limit. Hold on, there's a catch we didn't tell you aboout! Any player reading a phrase must wear a speech impeding mouthpiece, which puts an irresistibly hilarious spin on the action! It's our mission to literally put the biggest smiles on faces all over Canada, from university dorms to family game rooms and everything in-between.

With 200 hysterical themed phrases that make Canada proud, we're happy to offer you The EH? Game exclusively at Showcase in honor of Canada's 150th birthday. Get yours today and start creating years of fun and memories to be shared with your loved ones as we celebrate this historic event! Also for any non-Canadians who might be reading this, the plural of moose is not meese FYI!


  • Hilariously Canadian
  • For 3-10 players, ages 8+
  • Exclusively at Showcase
  • Players hysterically try to interpret phrases, while the speaker is hampered by a mouthpiece
  • Includes: 200 family friendly Canadian themed cards,  10 mouthpieces (5 adults + 5 kids) & 60 second timer
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