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Stikbots Pets Zanimation Studio

Stikbots Pets Zanimation Studio

$34.99 + Free Shipping With $50 Order



Now you can create real movie-magic thanks to the Stikbot Pets Zanimation Studio that includes a green-screen. Place your Stikbot in front of the green-screen, create an animation, and then choose a background from the free smartphone app to transport your character anywhere!

Stikbots are pose-able sticky bots who will adhere to almost any flat surface thanks to their suction-cup hands and feet (yep, they were born this way!) Their unique design allows stikbots to be posed in countless ways - their limbs, torso, and even neck can be positioned at multiple different angles! Stikbots are ridiculously fun and addicting to play with!

But Stikbots are more than just cute pose-able figures. #stikbot is the first ever social-media-sharing toy! Thanks to a free smartphone app available on iTunes and Google Play, #stikbot can really shine; kids can pose, film and edit their #stikbot in stop animation quickly and easily. Once filmed, they can upload their video creation from the app to share with their friends with the simple touch on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, Vine etc..

  • Free stop motion animation app for creating/sharing!
  • All NEW Stikbot Pet included
  • You Create. You Animate. You Share!
  • Each Stikbot measures approximately 3" tall.

Each set includes an exclusive colour Stikbot plus a NEW Stikbot Pet all ready to star in your show! With tripod, stage and prop boxes for 3D effects!

*Style and colour of Stikbot & Stikbot Pet received may differ from pictured based on availability.
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