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Squatty Potty Refresh-It Bidet
Squatty Potty Refresh-It Bidet
Squatty Potty Refresh-It Bidet

Squatty Potty Refresh-It Bidet

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Don't Just Wipe it, Refresh-it!

Cleansing and therapeutic, the ReFresh-it bidet is the simple, non-electric, totally adjustable answer to better hygiene. When you want to be clean, look no further: this bidet has your back(side). Isn’t it time you had a “Refresh-it” button on your toilet?”

When in use, the bidet nozzle extends from the middle of the bowl. The retractable nozzle only comes out when the water is turned on to ensure sanitary operation, and the bidet's water supply is connected directly to the fresh-water supply for a clean, refreshing experience.

For further convenience, a discreet control panel is located on the user's right-hand side. Additionally, the bidet is made from a strong, high-quality plastic that is easy to clean and looks great on any toilet.

The Squatty Potty Refresh-it Non-Electric Fresh-Water Bidet Spray attaches to and detaches from any elongated or round two-piece toilet, where the bowl and tank are separate units.It easily installs in 10 to 15 minutes with the help of a standard screwdriver--no other tools are necessary.



  • Water pressure control
  • Single nozzle
  • Connects to fresh water valve
  • Installs in minutes
  • Non-electric, environmentally friendly
  • Adjustable spray direction



 How to Install Your Bidet? 

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