SmartSilk™ Pillow

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The Last Pillow Choice You Will Ever Have To Make

By combining the luxurious and all-natural materials of the SmartSilk™ with the science of sleep, a pillow has been developed that will provide you with the most comfortable night's sleep. With the introduction of The Pillow by SmartSilk™, you are now able to experience the health and wellness benefits that SmartSilk™ products provide, as well as have the opportunity to find the optimal pillow loft that will offer you a delightful sleeping experience.

The benefits of the exclusive and patented SmartSilk™ pillow combined with luxurious, natural fibers and fabrics guarantee not only the most comfortable sleep but also the healthiest sleep. Understanding the science of sleep has been the instrumental focus in crafting the SmartSilk™ pillow, ensuring that no matter how you sleep, back, side, stomach or multi position, you have the right loft and comfort level just for you.


  • Certified asthma and allergy friendly and proven to be a barrier to dust mites, allergens and pet dander
  • Easy care machine washable and dryable
  • Made of breathable materials and stays cool all night long
  • Wicks away moisture, keeping you dry and helps reduce night sweats
  • Made with a 100% cotton outer shell, quilted with a layer of silk
  • High-quality finish with double needle stitch and cord piping
  • Standard Size: 20" x 26"


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