Shopkins Shoppies S1 Single Pack

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There’s nothing more fun than a Girl’s Day Out!

Bagging a bargain, Café catch-ups or lunch and a movie, you just can’t lose whatever you choose! Discover the fun of Shopville where the Shopkins and their friends love to hang out! There’s so much in store to adore when you plan a Girl’s Day Out!

Meet The Shoppies


With a sweet 'n' sour personality this girl can really burst your bubble. Her attitude can sometimes get her into sticky situations but her Shopkins friends Gumball Grabby and Bubba Gum know that she can be as sweet as candy when she wants to.

Favorite Hobby: Bubblegum baths!

Shopkins BFF: Bubblicious & Bubba Gum.

Favorite Place To Shop: The Dandy Candy Store.


Life's a piece of cake for this little sweetie! Smart, sensible and always tastefully dressed, she loves to top off a day of shopping by sprinkling her Shopkins friends Coco Cupcake & Cherry Cake with treats from her favorite cafe!

Favorite Hobby: Cupcake Decorating.

Shopkins BFF: Coco Cupcake & Cherry Cake.

Favorite Place To Shop: The Cupcake Cafe.


Loud and lovable, if there's a camera around you'll see her head pop up! Movies are this Shoppie's life! Popette loves talking about the latest movie she's seen but her Shopkins Besties Bowl-inda and Polly Popcorn are always telling her to "keep a lid on it!"

Favorite Hobby: Poppin' out the Movies!

Shopkins BFF: Bowl-inda Popcorn & Polly Popcorn.

Favorite Place To Shop: The Cinema Popcorn Cart.

Peppa Mint

Cone sweet cone! She may look chilled but Peppa-Mint is always having meltdowns! Maybe she keeps losing her cool because she's so warm hearted! Shy and a little syrupy, she sticks close to all her friends and loves getting the scoop on all the gossip in Shopville!

Favorite Hobby: Chillin' with friends!

Shopkins BFF: Carla Cone and Icy-Bowl.

Favorite Place To Shop: "Cool Dream" Ice Cream Parlour.

What's Included:

  • 1 x Shoppies Doll
  • 2 x Exclusive Shopkins
  • 1 x Brush
  • 1 x Handbag
  • Choose from an assortment of 4: Jessiecake, Popette, Bubbleisha or Peppa Mint 
  • Shoppies VIP Card: Unlocks your Shoppies online by downloading the Shopkins Welcome to Shopville App (available on the iTunes Store or Google Play Store) with a unique code
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