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Shopkins Collector Cards 3 Pack
Shopkins Collector Cards 3 Pack

Shopkins Collector Cards 3 Pack

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Check out the all new Shopkins collectible Trading cards! There's 130 cards to collect featuring characters from both Season 1 & 2.  There's four types of cards to collect: Common, Color-me-in, Glitter and Pop-up & Glow. What are you waiting for?! Collect em' all now!


Common: These cards have pictures of the Shopkins on them, but have no special features.

Color-me-in: These cards like Common also have pictures of the Shopkins, but its up to you to color them in!

Glitter: These cards have a glittery finish on them so they look and feel different from regular cards.

Pop-up & Glow: These cards have pictures of Shopkins on them, however, you can pop out the cards to make them "stand up" and they glow in the dark!

What's Included:

  • Includes 21 collectible cards (7 Per Pack)
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