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Rubik's Spark
Rubik's Spark
Rubik's Spark
Rubik's Spark

Rubik's Spark

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Can You Guide The Spark?

Experience the all new electronic Rubik's Spark and encounter a new & fun interactive way to test your memory, speed, dexterity and logic! Control your physical game play like never before. Rubik's Spark features 6 challenging and entertaining games with both single and multi-player modes for the whole family to enjoy!

How It Works?

A whole new dimension of game control! The Spark's patented Gyroscopic "Bubble" technology gives you an exciting and interactive experience like never before! Using special built-in sensors, the Spark recognizes where the lights are as you flip, move & twist the cube.

Face off against family & friends, race the clock, or beat your personal record. Alone or in a group, the all new electronic Spark is hours of addictive fun for everyone!


  • 6 games to challenge & entertain
  • Built-in gyroscopic 'bubble' technology
  • Control the Spark by titling and turning and the built-in sensors will do the rest
  • Challenge friends or play solo
  • Batteries included


Seek & Destroy:

Find and land on the flashing lights  to destroy them!

Light the Cube:

Copy the Spark's every move exactly to win!

Tilt & Zap:

Put your speed and reflexes to the test!

Snackin' Snake:

Feed the snake light to make it grow, but don't take a bite of yourself!

Follow the Path:

Challenge your memory to follow commands & defeat the spark!

Rubik's DJ:

Unlock the beat to make your own music with Rubik's DJ!
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