Star Wars Episode VII - Remote Control BB-8

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Launch into action and adventure in the world of STAR WARS! Discover the exciting stories of good versus evil in a galaxy far, far away...

Move over R2! The most beloved droid of the century has already been replaced with a smaller, cuter, adorable droid with just as much attitude.

BB-8 is the spherical, loyal Astromech Droid of the Resistance pilot Poe Dameron. One look at BB-8 and you'll fall in love while being sucked into his tractor beam This RC BB-8 figure rolls in any direction and makes expressive droid sounds as you lead him into adventure.

We haven't seen a single person who's seen him in action not smile. Playing with BB-8 burns away hours of fun! He craves attention and will bother you with beeps, or turn his little head until you play with him. 

The buttons mapped to the up and down button allow BB-8 to move forwards and backwards, while the left and right buttons are used to turn his head in the respective direction. BB-8 rolls in whatever direction his 'eye' is facing. The remote has a range of about 10 feet away from BB-8.  He will only power down if held upside down for two seconds.

BB-8 is has a great build with a battle scarred paint job to replicate his appearance in the movie. Star Wars fans are bound to love it as this RC has the same charm and personality as the character from the movie. He's also a wicked crowd pleaser, and makes a great gift that anyone would love to have! That's if you're not tempted to keep him for yourself...


  • Movie-accurate appearance
  • Create adventures and scenes from the Star Wars Universe
  • Makes expressive droid sounds
  • Rolls in any direction while his head stays on top
  • Small parts may be generated. Not for children under 3 years
  • Ages 4 and up


  • BB-8 body
  • BB-8 head
  • Remote Control
  • Instructions
  • Batteries sold separately
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