Quantum Intelligent Neck Therapy

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Intelligent Neck Therapy that Contours to Your Neck.

Experience a unique soothing neck massage in the comfort of your home with the Quantum Intelligent Neck Therapy. Combining vibrating technology, infrared heating and EMS therapy to relieve pain and sore muscles.

The Quantum intelligent neck therapy device offers a 3-D contour to your neck allowing for a comfortable fit every time its used. With a wireless smart remote, the device is easily self-operable therefore extra help isn't needed when picking settings. The device features 6 massage modes and 2 heating levels for a perfect combination of healthy massage therapy. Using the integrated magnets, the device is able to also deliver EMS therapy similar to a TENS machine for a deep tissue massage.

It's lightweight design and rechargeable battery ensure that the unit is fully portable and ready for use no matter where you are. Great for use when you have a stiff neck at home or when your neck and shoulders are killing you at work from sitting all day. The Quantum Intelligent Neck therapy device is a great tool for soothing chronic neck pains as its powerful yet calming massage functions combined with heat quickly make aches and pains fade way.


  • A unique and soothing neck massage
  • Infrared heating and vibration
  • EMS therapy relaxes muscles via deep tissue penetration
  • Fully contours to your neck
  • Completely portable and rechargeable

What's Included:

  • Quantum Intelligent Neck Therapy Device
  • Wireless Remote
  • Charger
  • Instructions


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