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Quantum 3-D Tapping & Kneading Shiatsu Seat
Quantum 3-D Tapping & Kneading Shiatsu Seat
Quantum 3-D Tapping & Kneading Shiatsu Seat

Quantum 3-D Tapping & Kneading Shiatsu Seat

$199.99 + Free Shipping



6 Intelligent Nodes with Infrared Heating
Take a seat and relax, with the Quantum™ Therapeutic Shiatsu Seat. With relaxing, therapeutic back, neck and shoulder massage programs, you'll be able to reduce stress and pain throughout the day practically anywhere.

Employing four infrared heated massage nodes, two shiatsu massage nodes and powered adjustable height, you'll receive similar treatments a massage therapist would provide, without the cost.

With an intuitive, and easy to use remote control you'll be able to cycle through the Quantum™ Therapeutic Shiatsu Seat’s programs that cover your neck, upper, and lower back.


  • 2 Neck & shoulder kneading heated massage nodes
  • Powered adjustable node height
  • 4 Heated, back massage nodes for 3-D deep  tissue massage
  • Shiatsu, kneading and tapping massage options
  • Gentle seat vibration
  • Hi-tech intuitive remote 
  • Customize your own massage or use a pre-programmed setting


  • Relax: Six deep penetrating heated nodes provide soothing relief
  • Heal: Improves blood circulation and relieves muscle tension
  • Intelligent: Nodes move just like a real massage therapist
  • Portable: Attaches to any chair from your home, to your vehicle
  • Adjustable: Head rest extends to target neck and shoulders
  • Easy: Intuitive remote control gives you total command
  • Versatile: Includes both a home and vehicle power adapter

What's Included:

  • 3-D Shiatsu Massage Cushion
  • Remote Control
  • Wall Outlet Adapter
  • Car Adapter
  • Manual
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