Qstick Facial Hair Removal (Online-Only)

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Facial Hair Removal at your Fingertips

Inspired by the threading method of hair removal, this innovative tool lets you efficiently remove facial hair from your lip, sideburns and neck area with avoiding damage to your skin.


  • Removes Even the Finest Facial Hair - Qstick is an incredible tool that will help you remove your facial hair from your chin, cheeks, neck and upper lip in the comfort of your home. 
  • Super Easy to Use - once you get used to Qstick, you wont even have to use a mirror. Just bend it firmly toward your skin and roll the plastic ends.
    At first you might experience a tingling or hurting sensation due to your facial hair being removed with the root and as with any hair removing techniques, it might not be pleasant but worth it at the end.

    After a little while you will eventually get used to it so do not give up!
  • Portable - Qstick is 8" long and will easily fit into purse or cosmetic bag
  • Replaces Waxing and Bleaching - because Qstick pulls your hair with a root it will result in longer lasting results and slower regrowth time. It is also great for people who are too sensitive to wax or bleach their face.
  • Saves You Money - Qstick replaces waxing, shaving or plucking. We DO NOT recommend Qstick for eyebrows because twezeers are more precise and do a better job

Includes (1) Qstick Facial Hair Removal Tool

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