Personal Mani Pedi

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Get the Perfect Mani Pedi anytime, anywhere!

The Personal Mani Pedi by Laurant is the perfected  mineral roller system that instantly files and shapes the nails. The buffing roller leaves a professional result every time. It’s like having a complete nail kit in one simple device.

It's the quick and pain-free way to cut & shape your nails.

Just one press and Personal Mani Pedi does the rest. The rotating micro mineral roller quickly files and shapes your nails. When finished the buffing roller leaves a professional result every time!


  • Quick and easy nail care at home
  • Mess free design catches you nail filings for easy disposal
  • Perfect and safe for children
  • Discreet and portable

 What's Included:

  • 1 x Personal Mani Pedi device
  • 1 x Rotating micro mineral roller
  • 1 x Buffing roller


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