Orbitrim Gas Trimmer Head

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Trim perfect lines in your yard without having to deal with problematic strings or wires thanks to the Orbitrim Gas Trimmer Head. The attatchment’s ingenious design makes caring for your lawn easier than ever. The Orbitrim Gas Trimmer Head is ideal for all lawn care needs; trimming, hedging, edging, mowing and more.

Made of durable stainless steel, the sleek circular head effortlessly attaches to most gas trimmers in seconds and eliminates the need for strings and wires. The curved bottom provides an even cut every time — whether working on thick grass or even hedges — and a safety ring protects flowers and trees from accidental cuts.


  • Fits most straight or curved shaft trimmers
  • Attaches easily in seconds
  • Perfect results for helping with mowing, trimming or edging
  • No more accidents and chopped up grass
  • Great for edging, near flower beds, heavy/thick grass, hedges
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