Num Noms Deluxe Pack - Series 2

Minus Plus
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Mix and match Num Noms to create sweet, scented recipes! Collect over 60 flavors! Nums are adorable, scented, squishy characters with tons of personality. Noms are motorized mischeivous characters that move around, they're scented too! Stack the Nums on top of the Noms to make over 5,000 sweet scented combinations.


  • 60+ flavors to collect! Scented Nums in a variety of random flavors.
  • Rare and special edition characters!
  • One mystery special edition character per pack
  • Collect them all!

What's Included:

  • 6 Nums
  • 2 Motorized Noms
  • 1 Accessory
  • 1 Num Noms Container
  • 1 Collector's Menu
  • Choose between your favourite sets
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