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Nova Pad Interactive Speaking Tablet
Nova Pad Interactive Speaking Tablet

Nova Pad Interactive Speaking Tablet

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Little kids love an iPad or a Tablet... problem is we don't really want them messing with it. It's a big investment and who wants them breaking or damaging it. That's why the Nova-Pad Interactive Speaking Tablet is perfect for that little geek in your family!

It has the look of a tablet which will thrill your little one and provide lots of educational activities and challenges which will thrill you!

With 50 icons, 10 modes, lights and sounds, plus a 7.8" touch screen, The Nova-Pad is simple, intuitive and fun to use. It will occupy any child (recommended for ages 3 to 6) throughout the day with features like spelling words and spelling quiz, mathematics and mathematics quiz, play music from music library, compose music with keyboard icons and much more.

Utilizing a real human voice, the Nova-Pad will educate your child in a fun and exciting way. The automatic shut-off feature will help to save on battery life.


  • Interactive Speaking Tablet 
  • 7.8" Touch Screen
  • Human Voice
  • Automatic Off
  • Functions include Spelling, Mathematics and Music
  • 50 Icons and 10 Modes with Lights and Sound
  • Simple, intuitive and fun to use
  • Uses 3 AA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
  • 10 modes with lights and sound
  • Spelling words and spelling quiz
  • Mathematics and math quiz
  • Play music from tunes library
  • Compose music with keyboard icons
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