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Next Fitness Grid Foam Roller
Next Fitness Grid Foam Roller
Next Fitness Grid Foam Roller

Next Fitness Grid Foam Roller

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A Tool Trusted by Professionals

Grid foam rollers have become a staple part of many pre/post-workout recovery routines. From pro-athletes to yogis or even stay at home moms, these amazingly crafted tools are used multiple times on a daily basis to stimulate circulation within tight, sore or damaged tissue.

Foam rolling through tight or recently exercised muscles can help to unravel deep knots, loosen muscles to reduce the likelihood of cramping and can even improve your flexibility & mobility with proper use.

Using a roller over time can also help to break down scar tissue that has built up over time. This can be extremely rewarding to your body, as it can help to reduce pain from old injuries, prevent new injuries, while at the same time increasing circulation and balance within your body.

The Next Fitness Grid Foam roller also includes a bonus soft roller for people who are new to foam rolling, as it can be uncomfortable for first timers or if a muscle is hypersensitive after a hard workout. Trust the professionals and grab one today. You wont regret it!


  • Textured design of outer layer gets into deep muscle tissue
  • Soft inner roller for first timers or extra sore muscles
  • You control the intensity with the pressure you apply 
  • Helps to increase circulation, flexibility and mobility
  • Can help to break up and flush out scar tissue built up in muscles
  • Great for muscle recovery and pain reduction
  • Made of high density, non-toxic materials
  • Supports up to 500 lbs
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