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Morphe M310 - Large Soft Fan Brush

Morphe M310 - Large Soft Fan Brush

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Every brush collection needs a fan brush, and Morphe Brushes’ version has super-soft goat bristles, to pick up and distribute powder perfectly – it’s the ideal size and shape for popping highlighter along your cheekbones, brow bones and along the bridge of your nose – as well as for sweeping away any product fall out; just dust beneath eyes to clean up any stray eyeshadow particles, or buff over over-done blusher to diffuse the pigment and create a more natural, soft focus finish.

How to Use:

Use to apply highlighter to cheekbones, or to 'clean up' product fall out.


  • Bristle Type: Goat
  • Bristles: 1 5/8" Full Length: 7 5/8"
  • *bristles on fan brushes naturally flare out on the sides
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