Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick

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An Instant Anti-Aging Lift For Your Skin

As we grow older, collagen and elastic fibers in our skin begin to decompose, which bring about wrinkles and cause skin to dull & sag. Using the Cirmage Lifting Stick, you can instantly make your skin look & feel younger, tighter and have better circulation to reduce lines and wrinkles caused by sagging. It's like having an anti-aging facelift at your fingertips.

Peptide & Collagen Properties Leave Skin Luminous And Supple

Inspired by the traditional Chinese 'Gua Sha' massage technique, the Cirmage Lifting Stick was created to refine aging skin by stimulating blood flow and healing. Each application follows a meridian style massage, gently pressing against skin to smooth out the appearance of swollen skin.

The special formula in the lifting stick contains 17 types of peptides that deliver rich nutrients, vitamins and hydration into your skin. Combined with 4 types of collagen activators, skin is made radiant again as wrinkles are filled out from end to end, while skin becomes clearer and brighter.

Try Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick if you have the following concerns:

  1.  Asymmetric facial features
  2. Crumbly dry skin in need of radiance
  3. Dull or sagging skin
  4. Rough skin texture that prevents make-up
  5. Burdened by costly & ineffective beauty tools
  6. Need spa quality treatment for your face


  • Contains collagen and peptide properties leaving skin vibrant and supple
  • 'Gua Shua' meridian message effect enhances blood circulation 
  • Each application gently smooths out the appearance of swollen skin
  • Contains peptide properties rich in nutrients to support skin lift & elasticity
  • Vitamin complex makes skin look clearer and brighter


  • Gua Sha massage helps to life loose areas of the face to balance facial contours
  • Increasing blood circulation helps to remove impurities allowing for healthier skin
  • Special nutrient stick removes the need for other beauty creams or tools
  • Skin is transformed with a double effect of whitening dull skin and smoothing out wrinkles

Main Ingredients:

  • 17 types of peptides (pepta-rich complex) 
  • Pulling thread component and holding fixer component makes skin healthier and supple
  • 4 types of collagen vitamins that activates collagen
  • Contains 4 types of collagen, and helps make skin elastic and radiant by filling the skin edge-to-edge
  • Niacinamide
  • FDA approved whitening/anti-wrinkle
  • 15 patented properties
  • Protects skin and makes skin more hydrated

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