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Magic Tracks 18 ft. Mega Set
Magic Tracks 18 ft. Mega Set
Magic Tracks 18 ft. Mega Set

Magic Tracks 18 ft. Mega Set

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Get Ready for MEGA-Cool, Colorful Glow In The Dark Racing!

Magic Tracks just got BIGGER & BADDER! — create a twisting, turning, 18-foot mega-sized racetrack that glows in the dark, with Magic Tracks Mega Set! The all new Mega Set offers hours of fun with 360 easy-to-build pieces of glow-in-the-dark racetrack and two LED light-up racecars to keep the track glowing!

Customize your track into any shape and pattern with the glowing tracks, which bend, flex and curve in any direction. With included accessores like a suspension bridge, track ramps, road splitter & more,  you'll never have the same track twice! Build a custom speedway in seconds and simply roll up the track when playtime is over, for quick and easy storage.

All the pieces can be easily stored, so you can take Magic Tracks Mega Set to school, a friend's house or on vacation with your family.  Be prepared to be amazed! Build an exciting course with the easy-flex Magic Tracks Mega Set, turn off the lights and watch the race unfold with brilliant, glowing colors.


  • Bigger than ever, with more than 360 pieces!
  • Bend, flex and curve the track in any direction
  • Extra accessories to make any type of course
  • Just snap the track together
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Set Includes: 360 Glow Track Pieces, (1) LED Light Up Racecar, (1) LED Light Up Police Car,
    (1) Sheet of Peel n' Stick Decals, (1) Instruction Guide & (15) Additional Accessories

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