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Hot Hands Silicone Gloves
Hot Hands Silicone Gloves

Hot Hands Silicone Gloves

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Silicone Gloves for Ovens, Stoves and Grills

Protect your hands from steamy pots, sizzling grills and hot oven dishes with Hot Hands Silicone Cooking Gloves. These versatile gloves have a comfortable five-finger design that will prove to be much more functional than traditional oven mitts. They’re made of premium non-slip silicone textured with raised grippers that repel heat and provide a safe, precise grip.

You can safely plunge your hand into a simmering pot to retrieve hard-boiled eggs and even reach into the oven to hand-toss french fries on a hot baking tray. The innovative material is heat-resistant to 425°, making these gloves perfect for use in the kitchen or with an outdoor grill.


  • Five finger, non-slip silicone grip is melt proof
  • Raised grippers safely repel heat away from your hands
  • Great for ovens, stovetops, grills and more
  • Versatile precision grip can pick up a pin or open a jar
  • Rinses clean in seconds
  • Dishwasher safe
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