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Hidden Gems - Scented Soap Series
Hidden Gems - Scented Soap Series

Hidden Gems - Scented Soap Series

$29.99 + Free Shipping With $50 Order



Infused With Palm & Coconut Oil

Cleanse your skin, while nourishing for a naturally soft & moisturized finish with our new Scented Soap series. Each scented soap is infused with 50% palm &  coconut oil to gently soothe your skin and prevent drying. You'll be left behind with glowing skin and a delightfully fresh scent to exhilarate your senses.

When finished, one of your three Scented Soaps  will reveal a beautiful, designer ring inside, appraised from $10 to $5000.  Don't forget to share with us on social media using #HiddenGems and tag @shopatshowcase or email

How it Works

Wet soap and lather like normal. Enjoy the lovely fragrances &  skin soothing  benefits as you purify yourself with the infused natural oils. Mild enough to use on your face. Every pack includes  three scented soaps, Vibrant Peach, Natural Rose  & Rich Lavender, where one soap bar  will reveal a Hidden Gem.


Every pack of Hidden Gems Scented Soaps contains one dazzling ring  valued between $10 to $5000.

Ring Appraisal

Did you uncover a $5,000 ring? Simply locate the code affixed to the tag on your ring  and enter it HERE to find out what your Hidden Gem is worth. Visit for more details.
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