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Hidden Gems Scent Warmer - Original Oak
Hidden Gems Scent Warmer - Original Oak
Hidden Gems Scent Warmer - Original Oak

Hidden Gems Scent Warmer - Original Oak

$34.99 + Free Shipping was $49.99



What Will You Discover At The End Of Your Scent Journey?

Drift into a scent journey with this stunning tabletop scent warmer. Tastefully designed to blend into any decor, simply choose your favourite fragrance bar or scented wax, plug-in and enjoy the long lasting scent and soft ambient light.

Each scent warmer includes four fragrance bars; vanilla creme, sugar & cinnamon, meadow mist and mulled apple pie. Melt the fragrance bars in your warmer, and one of them will reveal a beautiful designer ring, worth up to $5000.

Each uniquely designed Hidden Gems Scent Warmer is 100% flameless, meaning they're safer than candles or other wax melting products. Safe and stylish, each works with specially formulated fragrance bars with the heat of a low-wattage light bulb, filling your home with a fabulous scent.

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  • Reveal a dazzling ring inside
  • Beautifully designed classic style candle warmers
  • Tastefully crafted to blend into any décor
  • 100% flameless – safer than candles
  • Uses specially formulated fragrance bars for your own custom scent
  • Includes (1) Hidden Gems Scent Warmer - Original Oak


Your ring will come randomized between sizes 6-8. Did you uncover a $5,000 ring? Simply locate the code affixed to the tag on your ring and visit for more details.
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