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Hidden Gems Aroma Beads - Mandarin Pink Peach

Hidden Gems Aroma Beads - Mandarin Pink Peach

$19.99 + Free Shipping was $39.99



Bring Your Home To Life!

Infused with essential oils, Hidden Gems Aroma Beads will create an exhilarating ambiance throughout your home. Use them to help eliminate odors and leave a clean, fresh and lasting scent in your home. There are many ways to use your aroma beads. Included with your aroma beads are (6) sachet bags where they can be placed to create adorable air fresheners in your car, closet, drawers or different areas of your home.

How It Works

Pull back the security seal  and twist off the lid. Remove the paper cover inside and replace the lid. Place the jar anywhere to enjoy the clean, fresh scent. Scents can last up to 90 days, and can be extended if the paper lid is replaced when stored or not in use.

Inside of the aroma bead jar will reveal a beautiful, designer pendant, appraised from $10 to $5000! Don't forget to share with us on social media using #HiddenGems and tag @shopatshowcase or email


Every pack of Hidden Gem Aroma Beads contains one dazzling pendant valued between $10 to $5000.

Pendant Appraisal

Did you uncover a $5,000 pendant? Simply locate the code affixed to the tag on your pendant and visit for more details.
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