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Hidden Gems - Lavender Peach Ring Candle
Hidden Gems - Lavender Peach Ring Candle
Hidden Gems - Lavender Peach Ring Candle

Hidden Gems - Lavender Peach Ring Candle

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Sit back and relax with a dazzling scented Hidden Gems candle. Melt away tension and stress at home or anywhere you go. Each Hidden Gems candle uses the highest quality natural oils to produce a surreal scented experience. Made of a high quality soy wax blend. Made under strict quality control and hand poured to exact standards, these rich candles are designed with two natural cotton wicks that burn longer and purer.

That's not the best part! Inside of each Hidden Gem is a beautiful hidden ring waiting to be found by you or that special person in your life.


Fill your home with one of seven amazing scents:

Floral Fruit to refresh your home with a burst of fragrance, that comes with every memory of receiving a bouquet of flowers or traversing through an open spring gardenia, with subtle nuances of wild and sweet fruits.

Lavender Peach holds the crisp, uplifting and enchanting smell of the beautiful lavender flower, that evokes a feeling of calm and tranquility. It combines this with the sweet and creamy delight of a peach, that settles into a delicious blend that adds zest, yet charm to your home.

Vanilla Cinnamon molds the familiar, rich and buttery scent of vanilla with fragrant mild notes of acute cinnamon spices. This blend causes the fragrance to come to a well-rounded finish combining the milky, sweet and nutty tones that bring about feelings of warmth and caring.

Mandarin Mango offers intoxicating smell of sweet, fresh tropical mango combined with the sharp and zesty edginess of cutting into a fresh orange. They combine to create an aroma that melts away feeling of stress and anxiety. Its the perfect refreshment for your home on a hot summer day. 

Meadow Mist evokes the most natural and airy scent of dawn mist as it hits fresh blades of vibrant green grass. Perfect for daydreaming, meditating and relaxing, this burst of the outdoors offer's a season's worth of those little moments.

Mulled Apple Pie is wonderfully delicious. There's nothing more exhilarating to the senses than the anticipation of a warm, freshly baked crust, filled with slices of fresh, sweet & juicy apples. This scent is reminiscent of the happy and loving feelings of the holidays, perfect for creating new memories with loved ones.

Sugar & Cinnamon is an explosion two sweet and spicy household aromas. This blend of dominant flavors accentuates any home with a warm, inviting glow. This scent makes your home feel elevated to a new level of  gourmet and elegance, while helping you to remove distractions & unwind after a long day.

How it Works

  1. Burn your candle until you see the foil. Snuff out the flame and let the wax cool for a moment or two.
  2. Remove the pouch with a pair of tweezers. Place this on a non burn surface and allow cooling down enough to hand. We recommend at least 2 minutes.
  3. Your Hidden Gem will be packed inside of a plastic bag inside of the foil to preserve the piece of jewelry. Simply remove from the packaging and enjoy!


Every Hidden Gem Aroma Candle contains a dazzling ring valued between $10 to $5000.


Ring will come randomized between sizes 6-8.

Ring Appraisal 

Did you uncover a $5,000 ring? Simply locate the code affixed to the tag on your ring and visit for more details.
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