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Genie Hour Glass Waist Training Belt
Genie Hour Glass Waist Training Belt

Genie Hour Glass Waist Training Belt

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Every woman wants to have the classic hourglass shape, and the Genie Hourglass can help you get that look in a matter of seconds. This waist training belt will instantly reduce your waist size, eliminating unsightly bulges while bringing out your natural beauty.

What is the Genie Hourglass Shaper?

The Genie Hourglass Shaper is a waist trainer that is as easy to use as any belt but it shapes and tones the waist to provide the perfect hourglass figure. A Genie Hourglass waist looks completely natural so people won’t even know you’re wearing it unless you tell them. The more you wear the Genie Hourglass Waist Trainer, the more your body will start to take on the shape you want naturally. The Genie Waist Trainer is a great way to give yourself the look you’ve always wanted. Buy Genie Hourglass today and you’ll never feel uncomfortable when looking into a mirror again!

 Benefits of The Genie Hourglass 

  • Stretchy and durable: With nylon material and a spandex lining, this training belt can last for years.
  • Firm but flexible: The Genie Hourglass is firm enough to take inches off your waist but flexible enough that it won’t impact your day to day activities.
  • Fits under most clothing: You can wear virtually any clothing over the Genie Hourglass without any discomfort or awkwardness.

Combining Comfort and Style with Genie Shapewear

When you try on Genie Shapewear, you’ll not only be putting on a high-quality product that can help you look your very best, but you’ll also have something that is incredibly comfortable to wear. The Genie Hourglass waist belt attaches firmly but gently so you’ll feel it shaping your waist but won’t feel like you’re being constricted. This is all part of the Genie waist training system – for women to look their best, they also need to feel their best. The Genie Hourglass  is made of light, breathable fabric, so your body will be able to stay comfortable even on hot days.

Genie Hourglass FAQs

Can the Genie Hourglass help make me skinnier?

The waist training product is designed to help make you look slimmer, but it doesn’t replace traditional diet and exercise. The Genie Hourglass can help reduce unsightly bulges or skin flaps that make you look heavier than you are. It also accentuates your curves and makes you look slimmer. If you plan to lose weight, however, this is a visual aid, not a replacement for tried and true weight loss techniques.

What garments can I wear over the Genie Hourglass?

The Genie Hourglass is thin enough that you can wear any sort of clothing over it, from business shirts to exercise gear to casual wear. The only thing you need to consider is the color of the outer garment – if you plan to wear very light garments, the nude color is perfect for you.

How should I wash this product?

The Genie Hourglass should be hand-washed using mild soap and water. After that, you should line dry it for best results. You should not machine wash this product.

Will skin lotions affect the fit of this product?

Skin lotions and oils can cause staining and should be avoided when you wear this waist trainer. If you need to wear lotion while using this product, continue placing a small, thin pad between the area you applied the lotion to and the Genie Hourglass. This should be enough to prevent any problems.

Every woman should look as good as she feels, and the Genie Hourglass can make that happen.

Size Chart

  • Size S/M | Waistline 23-31 | Pants Size 0-6
  • Size L/XL | Waistline 32-39 | Pants Size 8-16
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