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Garden Joy
Garden Joy
Garden Joy
Garden Joy
Garden Joy

Garden Joy

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Put Your Knees at Ease!

Gardening is fun, but it can be painful! All that standing, sitting, and kneeling can put strain on your back and knees. You need Garden Joy, the amazing new garden helper that helps you kneel down comfortably.

Garden Joy's heavy duty tubular frame is strong and lightweight with EZ grip handles that let you hold on tight for support, and easily stand up again without pain and strain. The thick, mold-able EVA foam knee pad cradles and cushions your knees.

Now you can garden for hours in complete comfort. Garden Joy is great anywhere around your home where you need to kneel down. Simply flip Garden Joy over and you've got a comfortable seat, so you can, prune and pick your vegetables, or simply enjoy your garden. Garden Joy folds flat, so it's easy to take with you, and it will store anywhere. Enjoy gardening again with Garden Joy!


  • Heavy duty tubular frame is strong and lightweight
  • Helps you kneel down comfortably and stand back up without straining
  • EZ grip handles help you hold on for support
  • Cushions and cradles your knees
  • Folds over for an instant chair
  • Folds flat to easy move and store
  • Supports up to 200lbs
  • Dimensions: 23 1/2"L x 10 3/4"W x 19 1/2"H
  • Includes (1) Garden Joy Seat


Customer Reviews

Garden Joy Has Really Helped Me

"Garden Joy has really helped me while working in my backyard. I spend about a few hours a week trying to make my garden the best it can be since I've retired. My knees aren't the same as they used to be and I enjoy being independent". - Beth L.

I Can Just Sit and Enjoy

"Garden Joy has been such a blessing! It makes gardening so much easier. I love how easy it is to bring with me. The best part is it becomes a bench so I can just sit and enjoy". - Kathy F.

Garden Joy Saved My Knees

"Oh my goodness! Garden Joy saved my knees! I can't tell you how much more gardening I've gotten done since my son bought it for me"! - Maryann B.

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