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Flip It, Fold It
Flip It, Fold It

Flip It, Fold It

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Flip It, Fold It is the easy to use laundry wizard tool that neatly folds your shirts in 4 easy steps! Simply place your t-shirt on the Flip It, Fold It and follow a quick 4 step process to get perfectly folded clothing – just like in retail stores.

Maximize your storage space in your closet, drawers, and suitcases with the Flip It, Fold It by compactly folding your clothing for maximum space.

Save time with the Flip It, Fold It on those chore days. Get all of your clothing folded in minutes instead of hours. Compact design is easy to store and durable for years of use.

Includes a BONUS Junior Size Flip It, Fold It for kids clothing, travel, and more.


  • Maximizes your storage space
  • Organizes your laundry quicker
  • Saves you valuable time!
  • Fold your laundry in 4 easy steps

What's Included:

  • Flip It, Fold It & BONUS: Junior size Flip It, Fold It


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