FlavorStone Infusion Grill

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 Superior Sapphire Non-Stick Techology

The FlavorStone Infusion Grill is not your ordinary grill. Featuring a die cast, aluminum alloy conduction base that is typically found on some of the most expensive pans in the world costing upwards of $600. This means your infusion grill heats up quickly and evenly every single time, giving your meals that great outdoor BBQ taste with the built-in grilling ridges.

Simply add liquids like wine, juices, sauces, salad dressing, and even beer into the pan's FlavorChannel to infuse into your dish!

Let your flavor imagination run wild as the FlavorStone Infusion Grill stove top cooker brings that great outdoor BBQ taste indoors for you to enjoy all year round.

A Whole New Way of Cooking!

  • Steam convection cooking locks in more flavor 
  • Prepare healthier meals with no grease and oils
  • Cook times are up to 50% faster
  • Non-stick surface for easy, one-swipe cleaning
  • Perfectly even heat distribution
  • Super resilient PFOA-free surface built to last

Cut The Calories of Every Meal

With its raised surface ridges, the Infusion Grill lifts your food up from the bottom of the pan allowing fat and grease to drip away, so your meals aren’t soaking in grease.

Plus, the sapphire-based non-stick surface requires no extra cooking oils or butter, helping you lose weight by cutting calories – not to mention making clean up a breeze with simple one-swipe cleaning.

What's Included:

  • FlavorStone Infusion Grill
  • Steam Canopy Lid
  • Small Steam/Stack Rack
  • Recipe Book

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