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FixMeStick Virus Removal
FixMeStick Virus Removal
FixMeStick Virus Removal

FixMeStick Virus Removal

$59.99 + Free Shipping



The FixMeStick® is a computer virus removal device. It is an external, hardware based product that runs before Windows® starts enabling it to remove viruses that software anti-virus programs often cannot.

Keep your current PC!

  • Gives you a practical and cost-effective way to clean your own PC of virus infections.
  • Automatically connects to wired and wireless networks to stay up to date.
  • A physical virus removal solution that you can hold in your hand and take charge of your PC.


  • Removes viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits, malware and more.
  • Complete system on a stick that plugs into any USB slot.
  • No software installation, conflicts, passwords, or slow down to your work.

What's Included:

  • FixMeStick® virus removal USB device.
  • Manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty with active subscription.
  • Free and amazing North American based service and support.
  • Unlimited use on up to 3 Windows PCs for 1 year.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Memory: 512 MB

What makes the FixMeStick® virus removal device different from anti-virus programs?

Your Windows® operating system, your programs, and all your content are stored in files. When your PC is on, these files work together like a complex set of gears to deliver your PC experience. If one of these files becomes infected, it compromises your system so that it often cannot be cleaned by anti-virus program files.

When your PC is off, your files are off too. They are just bytes on your hard drive: dormant, and unable to take any action. The FixMeStick® virus removal device runs while your files are in this off state. As a result this hardware device can often remove infections that anti-virus programs cannot.

How does the FixMeStick® virus removal device remove infections that anti-virus programs often cannot?

Anti-virus programs are software tools that run while your Windows® operating system is running to protect Windows® from malicious software like viruses, trojans, spyware, and malware. Protection from these malicious threats is important and running anti-virus protection is highly recommended.

The FixMeStick® virus removal device is a hardware tool that runs before Windows® to remove malicious software that got past your anti-virus protection. Once malicious software gets into Windows®, it can be impossible to remove while Windows® is running. Independent security experts and government security agencies recommend cleaning an infected PC with a hardware tool like the FixMeStick® virus removal device that runs before Windows® starts.

What People Are Saying:

Simple to use

"All you have to do is insert it in your USB port of your PC, double­click the FixMeStick executable from the FixMeStick drive and you’re off to the races. It’s that simple." Greg Gazin - CanoeTech


"FixMeStick is unquestionably the easiest solution on the market to clean a virus that can not be removed by traditional antivirus software.Maxime Johnson." - Metro

Total Solution

"Boot from the FixMeStick USB device and it will clean up the problem. It does a good cleanup job, and built­ in remote assistance ensures a successful resolution." Neil J. Rubenking - PC Mag


"The AV engines FixMeStick uses are some of the best in the business. And the fact that it runs outside of Windows gives it a better chance of catching hidden malware. Moreover, once the scanning process is completed, I can pull the USB drive out, knowing that nothing has been loaded onto my computer and the bad stuff is safely locked up." Michael Lasky - Windows Secrets

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