Five Nights at Freddy's - Assorted Construction Set (Select Stores Only)

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Choose between two iconic construction sets from Five Nights at Freddy's!

The Office Construction Set

The Office (also known as the Security Guard’s Office) is the “safest” room in the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Restaurant or that’s what what each new security guard thinks when they start their first night shift. However, they quickly learn that only sheer luck and heart-pounding video camera reconnaissance is the only way to survive five nights in this cursed pizzeria. Even after fending off a host of killer animatronics, not even reinforced steel doors can save the night guard from “Golden Freddy,” the horrific hallucination that appears out of thin air!

The Office set features a Golden Freddy figure, party balloons, celebrate poser, CRT security monitors, children’s drawings, party balloons, metal fan, stereo speaker, pink cup cake and soda cup! This set contains approximately 119 pieces and all of the pieces are compatible with other construction brands!

Pirate Cove Set

Unfortunately, the Pirate Cove in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant has been closed due to Foxy being damaged but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t crave an audience! Proven to be the quickest of the animatronics, Foxy is hidden behind the purple curtains of Pirate Cove just waiting to spring up and run toward the Security Guard’s Office when he senses that he’s being watched too little or too much by the video cameras!

This construction set includes a completely buildable scene of the Pirate Cove with Foxy figure, “Sorry – Out of Order” sign, stereo speaker and star-pattern purple curtains. This set contains approximately 94 pieces and all of the pieces are compatible with other construction brands!

Both these sets can be nested together or with the Backstage Construction Set to create a bigger Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Restaurant!


  • Buildable set inspired by Scott Cawthon’s Five Night’s at Freddy’s video game series
  • Figures feature articulation in the main joints and have swappable heads/limbs
  • Figures are compatible with other construction brands
  • Collect all the other Five Nights at Freddy’s construction sets to make a larger Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Restaurant
  • Includes (1) Construction Set in selected choice (The Office or Pirate Cove)
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