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EX 3D Virtual Reality Goggles
EX 3D Virtual Reality Goggles
EX 3D Virtual Reality Goggles

EX 3D Virtual Reality Goggles

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360° Video and Gaming Through the Power of Virtual Reality

Turn your smartphone into another dimension! You can experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of virtual reality. Enjoy 2D & 3D content, play VR games, watch movies, fly through virtual tourist destinations or become a character in an animated film! the possibilities are endless!
Whether you're watching captivating videos, panoramic photos or playing mesmerizing games, the EX 3D Virtual Reality Goggles turns sitting on the couch to a completely immersive, interactive experience.


  • Compatible with Android & iOS with 4" - 6" screens.
  • Huge variety of compatible content downloadable on iTunes and Google Play Store.
  • Comfortable design, three adjustable straps reduce pressure while your face is protected by soft memory foam.
  • Face mask & adjustable straps are made of soft leather to fit the contours of your face for maximum comfort.
  • High definition optical resin lens design
  • Pupil distance and focal distance can both be adjusted for the best viewing experience.
  • Harmless to your eyes, so you can use for extended periods without feeling dizzy.
  • Heat dissipating design.
  • Use with earphones for a completely immersive experience (not included).
  • Includes Bluetooth remote for gamers
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