Dr. Kong Orthotic Insoles - Flat Foot

Minus Plus
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Please visit us in-store to so that we can examine your thermal footprint to determine the best Dr. Kong Insoles for you.

Made of soft, durable material, Dr. Kong Universal Plus Orthotic Insoles help to provide a comfortable and gentle padding for your feet that suits your daily needs.

Great for casual wear or during exercise, Dr. Kong helps to provide optimum support for feet by increasing the efficiency of  pressure distribution for contact areas. Best of all, the also double as shock absorbers to support feet and reduce likelihood of injury. Dr. Kong is suitable for, and helps relieve pain caused by normal, pronated, flat, high arched & flat feet.


  • Anatomical design optimizes contact area for even distribution of pressure
  • Shock absorbers help support feet and reduce injuries
  • Suitable for callused feet
  • Unisex design
  • Lasts up to 18 months
  • Includes (1) pair of Dr. Kong Orthotic Insoles - Flat Feet
  • Please ensure that you select the correct insole type based on your thermal footprint (performed in-store)
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