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Copper Fit Step FX
Copper Fit Step FX
Copper Fit Step FX
Copper Fit Step FX

Copper Fit Step FX

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Fitness trainers and healthcare providers agree — one of the secrets to better health is keeping track of your physical activity. When you track your activity, you’re more motivated to exercise. The Copper Fit Step FX is a performance fitness tracker that’s easy to use. Step FX uses a 3G motion sensor and adjustable stride length for accurate readings. It tracks your steps, time of activity, how many calories were burned, distance traveled and monitors your weekly average. Includes a 7-day rolling memory so you can see trends and constantly improve your performance.

Accelerometer Technology for Accurate Tracking

Copper Fit Step FX uses an accelerometer technology to give you an accurate reading of your physical activity. Tracks front/back, side-to-side and up-and-down movement for maximum accuracy. Wear it while walking or jogging and check the display for real-time readings. Can be used by men or women, no matter your current fitness level.


  • Slick design with easy-to-use technology — No complicated setup
  • No app, smart phone or software required
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Tracks STEPS taken, DISTANCE covered and CALORIES burned
  • Automatically tracks and records your movements
  • Easily set your pace, time your results to the seconds and watch those calories burn
  • Simple, durable and affordable


"I love that extra push... it's like having a personal trainer on your wrist, pushing you to your full potential." - Shannon Reynosa

"I like to know what I accomplished. This band…talks to me.." - Dora Kiss

"I track pace, distance, calories burned. I set my goals and I push to beat them." - Lisa Bates

"I like the treadmill monitoring gadgets, but I love the freedom of being outdoors. It's kind of like having a treadmill on my wrist!" - Amanda Fields

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