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ColourPop Liquid Lipstick Magic Wand Ultra Satin (Online-Only)
ColourPop Liquid Lipstick Magic Wand Ultra Satin (Online-Only)

ColourPop Liquid Lipstick Magic Wand Ultra Satin (Online-Only)

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Colours Inspired By Kylie Jenner

ColourPop takes beauty to a  whole new level and specializes in making killer makeup in every shade imaginable at prices that everyone can afford. The myth that the barrier between fancy and affordable is absolute nonsense and that’s why all of their products have luxury formulas at prices that won’t break the bank!

Magic Wand

A light nude for when you’re in the mood. Our Ultra Satin Lip is a lightweight, bold lipstick with a Satin finish. A super comfortable feel and healthy satin look for you lips. Ultra Satin Lip has a crazy high percentage of pigments for extra intense colour saturation. This lipstick is extremely long wearing, although not completely kiss proof– you may leave some marks on your coffee cup!

  • Finish: Ultra Satin
  • Shade: Neutrals, Nudes
  • Never tested on animals
  • Made in Los Angeles, US


Start by prepping the lips with a primer as this will moisturize the lips and improve the texture - providing a smooth surface so that your Ultra Satin Lip goes on smoothly and lasts all day! Next, line with a matching lip pencil to perfect the lip line and fill lips in with Ultra Satin Lipstick.


"I was so scared this would be way too light and wash me out but its seriously the most beautiful perfect nude lip EVERYONE needs in their life!" - Carina

"I love these liquid lipsticks. I have very dry lips and many liquid lipsticks make my lips very uncomfortable. I am amazed at how good the formula is. I applied it this morning at 8 am. I ate breakfast and lunch which included some greasy Indian food and this lipstick has not budged. My lips still feel comfortable and are not dry and flaky. Most liquid lipsticks flake off at his point but this one has the best longevity that I have seen. This nude color is beautiful. I will definitely buy more!" - Amanda

"So, this is my first time purchasing the ultra satin and I love it! For sure purchasing more of these in the future. These make your lips feel so silky, love the formula . Yes, it doesn’t stay on as well as the ultra mattes, but for me I’m OK with that. Wore it all day today and reapplied just twice both after eating. This color is now going to be my go to lipstick, its a really pretty nude that goes with every look. (fyi I have medium to tan skin and it looks great on me)" - Rebecca

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