Clever Scope by Bell + Howell

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Clever Scope is a flexible flashlight that can transform into any shape.

Both ends come with 3 bright LED's and magnets for hard to reach places.

Unlike a flashlight that occupies your one hand and gives you just one hand to work with, Bell + Howell Clever Scope can be wrapped around your arms or neck to give you hands-free light.

If you drop your car keys between seats, you know how painful it is to lay your hands on them. With the Clever Scope, you'll never have to struggle to find lost items in tight spaces. Clever Scope includes strong built-in magnets that cling to lost metal items, allowing you to reach your items quickly and conveniently.

The incredibly flexible neck bends into any shape you want, allowing you to attach the Clever Scope to practically any surface providing a light in any situation.


  • Long flexible neck that bends into any shape
  • 2 super-bright lights at each end
  • 2 super-strong magnets
  • Hands-free light
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Lasts over 100,000 hours without burning out
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