Car Cane Swivel Cushion

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Get In and Out of Your Car with Ease

If you need a little assistance getting in and out of your automobile, then use the Car Cane Swivel Cushion. It is designed to help individuals increase their mobility. The built in swivel mechanism turns 360 degrees to make stepping out of a vehicle much easier.

The Car Cane Swivel Cushion is lightweight and portable, so that you can easily carry and place it in your car, home, office or more! Simply place it on a chair, sit and turn with much less effort. It's a great accompaniment to the Car Cane if you've ever struggled with mobility issues in your car. No matter where you go, the Car Cane Swivel Cushion is here to help!


  • Comfortable cushion with easy 360 degree rotation
  • Effortlessly swivels your body in and out of your vehicle
  • Great for people with limited mobility
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