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Candy Claw Game
Candy Claw Game

Candy Claw Game

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The Game That Always Ends In Prizes

Who doesn't remember asking your parents for some cash, heading to the arcade & trying to win a prize from one of these addictively difficult games. Re-create that amazing feeling of winning for your kids & their friends with our Candy Claw game. A fun, skill testing game that anyone can play, where you won't have to empty your pockets to win a prize!

Simply fill the machine with your favourite goodies and get ready for action! Insert one of the included tokens, grab the controls and you're on. The music will chime in just like the arcade and you'll have one minute to grab your prize with the claw before the controls turn off again. It's an exciting, thrilling race against time that'll be sure to bring out the excitement in your kids. The best part is that if you lose, you can try again with another token. Keep at it until you win that sweet surprise!


  • Have fun taking full control at home
  • Great as a reward for kids
  • Fill with your choice of goodies
  • One minute challenge with real arcade music
  • Fully interactive claw controls
  • Includes Candy Claw game & 24 tokens
  • Requies 3 x D Batteries (not included)
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