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Bio Seaweed Gel Chrome Nail Kit
Bio Seaweed Gel Chrome Nail Kit

Bio Seaweed Gel Chrome Nail Kit

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The Original All-In-One Gel Polish For Chrome Nails

Bio Seaweed Gel's UNITY All-In-One formula combines base, colour, top & strengtheners all in one bottle. It cures to the touch under LED/UV/Solar light with no sticky residue, no alcohol or cleansers needed. No sanding, drilling, primers or bonders required. The formula is self-leveling, smooth & does not shrink.

Chrome Powder

Aora Chrome powder creates a mirror-shine chrome look when used in combination with UNITY All-In-One gel polish. Using a silicone applicator, powder can be applied to polished nail for 2+ weeks of the newest and hottest trend in the Nail Industry.

No-Wipe Top Gel Polish

Bio Seaweed Gel’s No-Wipe Top Gel allows for a diamond-shine finish, and a protective layer that will keep your manicure looking fresh for at least 2 chip-free weeks. The formula cures to the touch without a sticky layer, meaning user can cure and go.

Application Steps

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water. File to your desired shape, buff the nail surface to smooth any ridges. Use 70% or higher alcohol to remove any oils or debris. Let alcohol completely dry before applying any products.

  2. Turn your bottle of UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish #151 Black Magic upside down and shake very well before use. Paint one thin layer of the colour directly onto your natural nails. (UNITY gel has built in base and top). Clean up and polish that may have leaked off the side of your nails and when happy with the results, cure under the U-Light Pro 9S for 120 seconds.

  3. Apply second coat of UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish #151 Black Magic. Be sure to apply a very thin layer. Cure under the U-Light Pro 9S (sold separately) for 120 seconds.

  4. Apply a thin layer of the No-Wipe Top Gel. Cure for only 30 seconds.

  5. Using the applicator, apply the silver chrome powder to your nails. Apply this as thin as possible with full strokes, covering the entire nail. Very important to NOT seal the free edge. Only pull straight down the nail bed.

  6. Seal the silver chrome with the No-Wipe Top, be sure to seal all the free edges. Cure under the U-Light Pro 9S(sold separately) for 120 seconds. For extra strength, you can apply 2 coats of top and cure.

  7. Enjoy your new awesome chrome nails!

Kit includes: (1) UNITY All-in-One Gel Nail Polish, (1) No-Wipe Top Gel Polish, (1) Applicator, (1) Chrome Mirror Powder.  All items are Big-5 Free, meaning no formaldehyde, toluene, BHA, DBP or Camphor. Manufactured cruelty-free, vegan friendly, solvent-free, zero dehydration, staining &weakening.

It is recommended this product be used in conjunction with a LED UV Lamp such as the Bio Seaweed Gel U-Light Pro 9S (sold separately).
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