Better Brella (Select Stores Only)

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The Ingenious New Umbrella with Reverse Open/Close Technology!

Better Brella keeps you dry wherever you go! There's no easier way to get in or out of the rain. Turning the traditional umbrella upside down and inside out, its much easier to use and much more practical. No longer will you have to sacrifice staying dry to go outside so your umbrella can be opened. The reversible nature of the Better Brella allows it to be easily opened from small spaces, like getting out of the car which reduces time spent getting wet.

Boasting a wind proof design, the Better Brella is a great alternative to old, cheap umbrellas that never seem to last through heavy rain and winds; which is where you need em' most. 

When closed, the Better Brella creates a waterproof cone, so that all wetness stays on the inside and not on the floor. This also makes it much easier to drain all the collected water at once, instead of getting walls and furniture wet from constant splashing.


  • Get in and out of any door without getting wet
  • Easier and more practical than traditional umbrellas
  • Makes a waterproof cone when closed
  • Wind proof
  • Includes (1) Better Brella in selected colour

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