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Apex X10 Indoor 2.4 GHz Drone
Apex X10 Indoor 2.4 GHz Drone

Apex X10 Indoor 2.4 GHz Drone

$69.99 + Free Shipping



The Apex X10 Indoor 2.4 GHz Drone was built to soar. Take your RC flying adventures to new heights with this all new incredible drone with flashing LED lighting. Great for both pros and beginners, the X10 features a headless mode with 4 channel controls & a built in 6-axis gyroscope.

It's so easy to fly! With the headless mode, simply position the X10 in front of you to set its orientation and you're ready to go. Select your frequency channel and take off! With 4 different channels, you can fly alongside your friends as each drone will have its own frequency. The auto hover and 6-axis functionality make controlling the X10 a breeze and offer maximum stability for a smooth flight every time.
If that's not enough, the added dual speed functionality offers great flexibility for when you're learning to fly or when you just feel like zippin' around at full speed! Combine this with the 360 degree flip function to perform aerial tricks that will astound onlookers every time.
With a 100 meter control range you'll never miss the action no matter where you are & use the auto return function to quickly retrieve your drone when finished. If you're out of juice, simply swap it out with the second included battery for double the play time! Get the Apex X10 Indoor 2.4 GHz Drone!


  • 6-Axis gyro, headless mode, auto trim, dual speed & auto hover for maximum stability
  • 4 channel control with 100 meter range
  • Perform incredible aerial tricks 
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Includes: (1) Drone, (2) 3.7v Rechargeable Batteries, (1) 2.4 Ghz Remote (3 AA batteries not included),(4) Replacement Blades, (1) USB Cable

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