Amopé Gel Activ Women's Insoles - Extreme Heels

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Give Your Heels The Sneaker Feel

Women sometimes have to compromise between beautiful heels and useful shoes like sneakers. For many occasions they have to weigh how fashionable they want to look versus how much convenience the situation requires. So may have to choose between pain and unhappiness with their shoe choice. But why should they even have to? Give your high heels the sneaker feel.

New Amopé Gel Activ Insoles are the cushioning gel insole that transforms fashion heels into your favorite pair of comfy shoes. Insoles that support you being as fashionable and at the same time energetic and spontaneous as you actually are. To keep you going all day long. Now looking hot and feeling great in heels are no longer mutually exclusive!

Extreme Heels Insoles

Extreme Heels Insoles from Amopé provide amazing cushioning pads for extreme heels. The ultra soft gel arch relieves pressure off ball of foot and provides extra comfort. The non slip design ensures that your feet & insole stay firmly in place. They are designed and assessed in consultation with foot care specialists.


  • Relieves pressure so your feet are not stressed at the end of the day
  • Suitable for shoes with heels above 5.5cm
  • Soft gel with built-in arch support comfortably supports your feet to keep you going all day
  • Non-slip design ensures that your feet and insole stay firmly in place
  • Designed and assessed in consultation with foot care specialists
  • Includes 1 pair
  • Fits women's sizes: 5-10
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